{Book Review} Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe

Modern Calligraphy

Everything you need to know to get started in script calligraphy
plus 20 DIY projects for weddings, parties, blogs, and m

I am becoming obsess with calligraphy recently. I just love how words are gracefully written added with the flourishes that adorn the writings. I wish there are classes offered nearby but unfortunately I live in a small town and I do not know somebody who share the same interest with me. There are classes online but it’s expensive. Thus, I decided to learn it on my own starting with reading book of Modern Calligraphy” by Molly Suber Thorpe.

The book has 5 chapters. Chapters 1 – 3 discusses the introduction of modern calligraphy, the necessary tools and techniques for both beginners and intermediate learners of this art. Chapter 4 is about calligraphic postal art in the twenty-first century. And the last chapter which covers almost half of the book are DIYs that you can practice.

This book also includes watercolor techniques which you can use as your ink for calligraphy or use watercolor for additional effect such as background.

Sample of 24 different ways of writing letters from A-Z are provided in the middle of the book. However, I wish there are practice sheets included in the book. I guess I have to trace it and make one for myself.

Modern Calligraphy Sample

I think the bonus part of the book aside from the DIYs and techniques are the recommended materials, online craft store, and other resources by the author. This really help me decide on what to buy rather than hoarding things that I don’t need at this moment.

Basically, this book is an overview with some tips and techniques from the author. But I guess the success in this art requires more practice. Attending classes is not a must, I know there are many self-taught successful calligraphers, but it will help you a lot the only thing is that you have to spend extra money for it. Or you can watch online tutorials for free.

For now I am still using pens to practice faux calligraphy. But I am dying for the arrival of my own first calligraphy set of materials which I ordered online from the recommended website of the author.

Target for the Month of March

March Calligraphy

In the photo:
Faux calligraphy with daffodil flower watercolor painting
for my monthly watercolor challenge – the birth flower;
book from Truly Rich Club –
“Howto Change Your Life in 30 Days” by Bo Sanchez

March -I welcome the challenges that are about to come but meantime I will challenge myself for this month’s target:

1. Practice calligraphy – the gracefulness of the art of writing words  and flourishes that dances in the paper through modern calligraphy has been an eye candy for me recently. I can get over, but this time instead of buying materials right away, I decided to buy book about modern calligraphy for me to educate as starter of this new art. Book is on it’s way, I will make a post about it after I read it.

2. Draw and paint more – I need to enhance my skills in drawing and painting. Besides it kills boredom especially on gloomy weather.

3. Review at least 3 books – I stopped doing book review for a while because of the issue of shipment. But since we got our own box number now might as well request for more books for review.

Aside from the 3 targets that mentioned above, I will also practice coding. I learned some HTML and CSS coding at Code Academy.It is a great website to practice building website.

The targets are just few but I guess it’s more doable than having a very long list of “to do”. But let us see at the end of the month. I will review this post and evaluate my accomplishment.

Winged Heart

winged heart polymer Clay

Before February ends,
let’s all leave grudges behind;
free our heart from any negative feelings.

Let it fly high and light from burdens.
Let our heart carry only love
and spread around the world 
that’s been eaten by turmoil act of anger.

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