Who’s That Girl No. 3

Drawing for free serves as my learning experience and it hone my skills. I don’t have any intention to do commission base because it stress me. Doing this for free means I don’t have to think if my client likes my output or not; even though, I still give my best because I want to please myself not anybody.




With the original photo, I didn’t draw the background

So Who’s that Girl No. 3? It’s @ncprepster. I think my clients (I’d like to call them like that it makes me feel professional artist) are in a circle of friends or they have this organization… I don’t know it’s something to do with prep or preppy style. I guess they are into chic style.

Much wondering about it, I consulted Mr. Wikipedia and he says, preppy  is “a student or graduate of an expensive prep school or a person resembling such a student in dress or appearance.” Other sites which Mr. Google directed to this keyword is that, preppy wears expensive clothing but not limited to it. Hhhhmmm… It’s interesting to know about it.

But for me their fashion doesn’t really give a distinction to where they are from because even those girls from not so rich family wear the same fashion not expensive though, some are even used clothing.

Anyway, glad to know these ladies of my #WhosThatGirl series of drawing .


Who’s That Girl No. 2

So who’s that girl No. 2? It’s @yourpresh (I don’t personally know her thus I posted only her IG user name).

It feels amazing when I got request from strange people, when they trusted my skill though I know that there are many great artists across the globe and mine needs a lot of improvement. Well perhaps because my service is free??? LOL…. But seriously I will boast a little that my drawing isn’t bad at all.

With the original photo in the middle

The Birth of #WhosThatGirl Drawing Series

I’ve been drawing portrait since I was a kid. But I never went out from my comfort zone, using only pencils as my medium. Then I was challenged.

Not actually challenged, an IGer just asked if I could draw her. Thrilled with the request from a stranger of course I said yes with no charge at all.

instagram comment


At first I was scared to color though I bought a 64 set of Crayola colored pencils because of that. But then I told myself why not? It’s free, and nobody forced me to do it.

drawing 1

Glad I colored it. The effect of using different colors is profoundly beautiful. Elated with it, though not yet done I posted it in my IG account and was happy enough to continue what I started.

Drawing 2

I admit it is not flawlessly done and there are still lots of things that need to be improved. Nevertheless, I made myself happy and proud.


@afrances, IG user in her OOTD

And never thought I got more requests from female strangers… thus the birth of #WhosThatGirl series of drawing, inspired by the TV series “Who’s That Girl?”. So expect more posts of my drawings.