ODDE: “Lilac”

This fashion design thing keeps adrenalin rush within me thus causing lack of sleep. But I love it! Because ideas are bursting out from my brain cells right now. Currently I am in love with fashion design incorporating glitters inspired by Katie Rogers and petals since the heat is on! Yes baby its summer! Flowers are blooming everywhere as if they are in a hurry to show up there beauty. Too bad I am here in Canada with a short span of summer… made me think there’s no place like home – Philippines!

Anyway I decided to do a project in fashion design called “One Dress Different Embellishments (ODDE)”. Apparently I will draw one dress then embellish it differently to achieve different look. By the way, you can search for #1dress_different_embellishments at Instagram to see my works or follow me.

WARNING! I am not a professional fashion designer. My works are inspired by other artist.

Here’s my first entry for ODDE… “Lilac

I drew the dress using Crayola colored pencils


 photo photo1.jpg

Inspired from Paris Hilton’s outfit at the gala in Turkey


paris hilton at a gala in turkey

 (Photo not mine)


Adding faux crystals made the dress look elegant.


Fashion design

As I do my afternoon walk, the smell of lilac was so enticing that I have to pick a bunch of flowers from my neighbor… shhh…. I didn’t ask permission but I felt like it was okay since the flowers cross the borders. Hahaha…. Hope my reason is valid.


Fashion design using flowers

Left the flowers overnight leaving my room filled with the smell of lilac. The flowers withered but not my imagination.


Fashion design

Hope you enjoy my first ODDE… “Lilac”. Here’s the summary

Fashion design using flowers

Stay tune for more summer fashion design, the “One Dress Different Embellishments” project!

Fashion Designing

My new obsession now is fashion designing. So for the meantime I’ll stop my “Who’sThat Girl” series of drawing.

Fashionable Hat

I fell in love with fashion designing because of Katie Rodgers of paperfashion.net. Her creativity in designing integrating crystals, beads, silver dust and sequins made her designs stand-out among other designer. No wonder why she was commissioned to work with big brands like Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Valentino, Swarovski, Clé de Peau, Kate Spade, Coach, Alicia Keys, Calypso St. Barths, Stuart Weitzman, Parker Pens, Lacoste, Elle, and Glamour Magazine among others. Check out her Instagram @paperfashion, you will be amazed with her creativity.

Like Katie I would like to be partnered with those big brands. Although I’m a copy-cat for now, I believe I can start this way until I find my own style.

So here’s my fashion illustration inspired by Katie Rodgers. I forgot to mention this cause me insomnia.


Fashionable Hat

I used Prismacolor colored pencil for the drawing, sequins from Dollar Store and feather from my necklace.

Who’s that Girl No. 5

I got more requests from strangers and friends now. As much as I want to draw them all but I am experiencing back pains and eyes strains from drawing on longer time. I wish to have a table I can use for my art.

By the way, one thing I noticed, the number of my follower increases when I post about my arts and crafts but decreases when I post something else. Oh well, it won’t hurt me (well a little… little… little bit) but won’t stop me from posting anything that interest me.

So much for my blah blah….


Who’s that Girl No. 5 is the biggest challenge by far. I don’t know her personally only virtually through blogging. This time the feeling is different, a bit of anxious, probably because I interact with her regularly through Facebook blogging forum and Instagram posts. Besides she’s pretty that I am afraid I might distort her face with my drawing.


Who’s that Girl No. 5 is no other than Dr. Che Syjongtian with IG user @sweetmemoirs owner of blog Sweet Memoirs.


 photo SweetMemoirs.png

I used Prismacolor Premier in this drawing but took me days to finish it because I have to get used to it. I had to research techniques of using this brand that helped me a lot but I realized I should have bought the color blender. As you can see there are rough colors that need to be polished. At least I learned something new. And I admit I made a big improvement on my drawings.


More to go? Or should I venture into other projects? Let see what interest me this time… Follow me at Instagram @mar_yannie