Expressing Feelings Through Drawing

Financial blessings are pouring as month of October starts. But on the other hand, I am emotionally down. On the very first day of this month, I had an argument with my co-worker. She was in rage over simple things that can be solve if only she is open-minded. But there’s no point of having an argument with that kind of person thus leaving the situation unsolved.

And then bf made me so upset with his messages. We’ve been in a long distance relationship for a decade already and you can’t express much when you have an argument through text messaging. I almost gave up and honestly I do not know if there is still a bright future that awaits for us.

I tried to get rid of the negative emotions through relaxation, blogging, listening to music, reading and anything that could divert my thoughts but none of these help. Not until I flip one page of an old book and start sketching a woman with a sad face and tears rolling on her cheek. It was a perfect definition of my emotions and I totally feel a relief from a heavy baggage that was kept in my heart.



That book is now my sketch book… my special diary.


P.S. I bought that book from a local thrift store. I was attracted with it because it was about angel. But never read it because there are pages that were  and repeated. Apparently there are defects probably from manufacturing that book. However, it is a book that help me deal my emotions. Indeed an Angel sent it to me.


My Drawing Version of Mr. B’s Kindergarten Photo

I am glad that Mr. B, my boyfie, has his own place now. It was his big dream and finally realized this year. He is so elated to decorate his place and requested me to do some abstract painting in a canvass. But the requested size is too big and will cost me money for shipping. Besides painting isn’t really my forte. Although abstract sounds easy to do but I want to do it perfectly for his house.

Another request is to draw our kindergarten, elementary, high school and college photos. That’s like lots if he knows but I am willing to draw. Thanks to my bestie who kept her copy of our yearbook from kindergarten to high school. She sent me the copies of our photos through email.


Mr. B

This drawing is just a sample copy and needs approval from Mr. B. He likes but jokingly said that I distorted some parts of his face and I responded that he even look better in my drawing. Hahaha….

More Fashion Illustrations

It’s addicting to draw fashion illustration though I admit I had a template. But creating the dress is the most challenging one. Sometimes I do copy from models or just create using my imagination.

In between of project “One Dress Different Embellishments (ODDE)”, when I ran out of idea, I decided to illustrate one of my favorite dresses – the one that I raided from my sister’s closet.  The bold flower prints is so interesting that I felt like I needed to draw it.


Dress I raided from sister

Sissy actually bought the dress at local thrift store. The material of this dress is very comfortable. And the elastic black waist band and balloon type skirt accentuate my figures making me feel so sexy!  The only lacking is my confident to wear it in public. Wish I have the guts.

Another illustration is this mother and daughter tandem.


fashion illustration

It is supposed to be the last illustration for my ODDE project. Unfortunately weather temperature suddenly dropped to below zero causing frost bites to the flowers. I was so saddened when I saw the flowers withered out of too much coldness.

But if ever I will have a chance to buy fresh flower, I might play with this illustration to create a new look for the mom’s and daughter’s dress.

Since I cannot express my passion in fashion by modeling it myself, I am planning to illustrate my dresses instead. But I am planning to use watercolor – a medium that I seldom use.


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