Upcycling an Ordinary Box

This is the third project from my craft haul of the month of March. First is the ice marble which was an epic fail then dressing up my old coin purse with craft tape. This time I upcycled an ordinary box using craft paper.


 photo box.jpg

This is a box for the set of glasses we bought in the supermarket. The crafty… or okay… the hoarder in me whispers that I can still use it since it’s sturdy. I used it as my organizer for my craft supplies. It’s been in my room for 5 months I guess. Until one boring day I decided to transform it using the craft paper I bought last month.


 photo boxafter.jpg

It totally made a difference plus it inspires me whenever I see it on my table.

Dressing Up the Coin Purse

Remember the mint container that I transformed into coin purse? If not or if you haven’t read that post here’s how it looked like.

Coin Purse

I used acrylic paint on that which obviously didn’t work. After several usages I ripped the paint off since it started to flaked. I don’t know what kind of paint best in plastic, but I will do research later for my future projects.

I decided not to throw the coin purse and decided to dress it up using craft tape which turned out okay.

Coin Purse out of Mint container

I love the painted coin purse better than this new look but base on quality the latter is better.

Epic Fail

I was Pinterest-ing and found this interesting craft – ice marble – perfect for the crazy winter here in Alberta.

Ice marbleIsn’t it pretty? (Photo not mine, credit to the owner )


But it was freaking cold outside when I learned about it, temperature was between -30 to -40 degree Celsius… not a chance to walk and just buy balloons. So that’s why when the temperature rises to almost zero I did my craft haul at Dollar Store including balloons.

Immediately I did this ice marble filling 3 balloons with water, adding some food coloring and carefully put one by one outside half covered with snow.


 photo watermarbleballoon.png

I kept on checking it, just excited of the output. It was -4 degree celsius then. I thought it’s just perfect to get the water into solid state, remember in Chemistry 0 degree celsius is the freezing point! How will I forget about it?

But when I got home from work I found one broke. Then other balloons followed in the next day. Totally an epic fail!


 photo watermarbleballoon-1.png

But see it’s almost there!

 photo watermarble2.png


If I have done it when temperature was lower probably I achieved the look of the ice marble. Perhaps this time I am only the person hoping for colder weather… well I’m praying for just two days. But as they said this is Alberta it may look spring but who knows it will snow next month. If not then I’m looking forward for the next winter.