Blue Poinsettia Flower Watercolor Painting

It’s a kind of busy stressful month for me. We will be having a [supposed] surprise baby shower for my sister this 20th, but she knows it anyway. I will be doing the decorations and I am planning to prepare a party favors. That alone made me so anxious.

Another thing is Christmas gifts for friends. Honestly it bombarded my brain cells on what to give. Haha… I know it is not supposed to be like that. Any gifts will do as long as it is heartily given. So I decided to paint some Christmas flowers for my Christmas cards. I love it than buying ready-made card because I exerted effort on it; it’s handmade with love.


Blue Poinsettia Watercolor painting

This blue poinsettia flower watercolor painting is for my friend, whom I used to work with. I intended to use the color because that’s her favorite color. Plus added some silver and faux crystals. I still have to add letterings though.

By the way, those two books are for review. Another thing in my to-do list before December ends.

Guitar Strap for BF

Bf finally purchased a guitar. He’s been planning for it a long time already because he’s working in a camp and life is too boring there. I love it too for the fact that he can play love songs during our chat via Skype. It feels so good waking up in the morning listening to his voice or serenade me when I am about to sleep. It’s one of the activities that when can do just to keep our long distance relationship sparks.

I am thinking of buying him a guitar strap as a Christmas presence. I believe it will be a big help for him so he can totally perform as a musician.  I visit and there are so many options to choose from, you can read more here. Now the biggest challenge is to choose the perfect one.


Poinsettia Flower for You

Hey December, you’re here already? It feels like I just celebrated New Year yesterday. Time flies so fast. But don’t frown I am excited for your coming actually. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, tralala lala lala lala… ‘coz it’s Christmas time – and it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Though it is less exciting for me for the fact that most of my love ones are in Philippines, but I have to stay positive and celebrate this season with joy. Thus uplifting my soul through painting.


Pink Poinsettia Watercolor Painting

I painted a poinsettia flower for you as we welcome the month of December! It’s free! You can grab it if you want. Just don’t forget to link back (wink)!


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