I have a friend who is so obsess with Hello Kitty. Thus, she was the one that popped up in my mind as soon as I saw this Hello Kitty design guitar via online. I thought that design place underneath where you strum the strings has no purpose at all but purely for aesthetic. I've learned that is called pickguard or also known as … [Read more...]

Enhancing My Music Skill? Nah!

Music isn't really in my vocabulary. It's funny when people get surprise when they hear me singing new released songs. They thought I only know few old Tagalog songs... how's that? Although I am not blessed with good voice, I appreciate music in different genre but heavy rock. I also learned to play instruments like keyboard and guitar but only … [Read more...]

Hey April Glad Your Over!

I sounds so bitter, right? I know I have lots of things to thank for especially that it's my birth month. But this month of April brings a lot of emotional trouble in me. I totally lost direction and the events that falls on my way is beyond my control. I am just grateful that there are people who were there for me to give me … [Read more...]