Fashion Designing

My new obsession now is fashion designing. So for a while I’ll stop my “Who’sThat Girl” series of drawing.

Fashionable Hat

I fell in love with fashion designing because of Katie Rodgers of Her creativity in designing integrating crystals, beads, silver dust and sequins made her designs stand-out among other designer. No wonder why she was commissioned to work with big brands like Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Valentino, Swarovski, Clé de Peau, Kate Spade, Coach, Alicia Keys, Calypso St. Barths, Stuart Weitzman, Parker Pens, Lacoste, Elle, and Glamour Magazine among others. Check out her Instagram @paperfashion, you will be amazed with her creativity.

Like Katie I would like to be partnered with those big brands. Although I’m a copy-cat for now, I believe I can start this way until I find my own style.

So here’s my fashion illustration inspired by Katie Rodgers. I forgot to mention this cause me insomnia.


Fashionable Hat

I used Prismacolor colored pencil for the drawing, sequins from Dollar Store and feather from my necklace.

Who’s that Girl No. 5

I got more requests from strangers and friends now. As much as I want to draw them all but I am experiencing back pains and eyes strains from drawing on longer time. I wish to have a table I can use for my art.

By the way, one thing I noticed, the number of my follower increases when I post about my arts and crafts but decreases when I post something else. Oh well, it won’t hurt me (well a little… little… little bit) but won’t stop me from posting anything that interest me.

So much for my blah blah….


Who’s that Girl No. 5 is the biggest challenge by far. I don’t know her personally only virtually through blogging. This time the feeling is different, a bit of anxious, probably because I interact with her regularly through Facebook blogging forum and Instagram posts. Besides she’s pretty that I am afraid I might distort her face with my drawing.


Who’s that Girl No. 5 is no other than Dr. Che Syjongtian with IG user @sweetmemoirs owner of blog Sweet Memoirs.


 photo SweetMemoirs.png

I used Prismacolor Premier in this drawing but took me days to finish it because I have to get used to it. I had to research techniques of using this brand that helped me a lot but I realized I should have bought the color blender. As you can see there are rough colors that need to be polished. At least I learned something new. And I admit I made a big improvement on my drawings.


More to go? Or should I venture into other projects? Let see what interest me this time… Follow me at Instagram @mar_yannie

Art Materials Haul

I can’t wait for another month to save for something that means a lot to me because I’m in love! And when I am in this state I am carefree. And this is just a perfect timing in a perfect location. So goodbye for a while budgeting, I can’t contain myself from buying art materials because I am in love with drawing. Yup that’s what I mean!

So I haul some art materials that are useful in rekindling with drawing. These include: 36 Prisma Colored Pencils Premier (most expensive colored pencils I bought ever since), Canson Paper, sharpener and kneadable eraser – spending roughly $60 CAD. For the love of arts – I totally don’t care spending that much.

 Art Materials Haul


My target is the Faber Castell Polychromos of 120. The cost? Only $638.50! Haha… my eyes just popped out when I saw the price. I lied, I love arts but spending that much made me think twice to purchase it unless if I’ll do art business using this medium. For now I am happy with Crayola but can’t wait to try the Prismacolor Premier colored pencils.