Feeling Like a Pro with Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set

Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set

Painting wasn't really my forte until I discovered Paper Fashion's Instagram account last year. It is through IG that I fell in love with watercolor as I explore work of arts of different artists. From then I can't stop myself but create my own art pieces using this medium. Eventually I learned lot of techniques and the right tools to use like ...

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Gloomy Summer

Flower painting

Fall is like soooon! Where's summer? It feels like it is still spring with all this gloomy weather. Perhaps there will be no more season as a result of climate change (?)Certainly we need rain especially that there are forest fires in different area across Alberta. But I just miss spending my afternoon outside; enjoying the burst of colors of ...

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Rose – June’s Birth Flower


 Rose - one of the flowers that I love most.  The flower that I usually make using polymer clay because of it's interesting delicate petals. The flower that makes every girl's heart melt as they smell the sweet scent of roses from their lover. The flower that comes in different colors that signifies as follows:Red: love Pink: grace, ...

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