Umbrella Baby Shower Party Favor

Giving party favor is just one way of saying thank you to your guests. It could be food, thing that they can use or a memorabilia that they can keep. Try searching in Pinterest and you will see lots of options to choose.

For my sister’s baby shower, I choose the umbrella filled with candies based from unoriginalmom blog. Here’s a picture I grabbed from her blog.



Her’s are really gorgeous and I wanted to copy everything that she made. But tule is not available locally plus printed cardboard is quiet expensive.So I ended up using the a plain cardboard from Dollar Store and instead of tule I used Japanese paper. It was so timely too since it was Christmas season, candy canes are available, perfect for umbrella handles.

Baby Shower Party Favors


For the cones, I just grabbed template from online (go… just Google it). Then wrap it with Japanese paper that is folded half (forming triangle). Then secure with tape. Fill it with candies or chocolates… and don’t forget the candy cane for you umbrella handle. Tie it with ribbon, but I use a rubber band to securely tie the candy cane. Then trim some excess paper.

Mine is unfinished. There should be ribbons and a tag for the “thank you” note. But was too late to do that.



Foods for Baby Shower

The baby shower for my sister was held at 3:00 in the afternoon last December 20. Thus we decided to prepare something light and foods that our Canadians friends would love to eat. Not how we Filipino feast: lechon with dinuguan on the side. For sure foods like that will loss their appetite. And different kinds of meats cooked in different ways and  of course carb0-rich foods – pancit, spaghetti, bread and rice please!


Here’s what we prepare:

Seafood Dipping

A mixture of cream cheese, sour cream, shrimp sauce, topped with cheese, tomato and bell pepper. This is totally a hit! I can’t stop myself eating chips with this dipping. This is certified yummilicious!


Seafood Dippings


But I have to really take precaution, because as we know too much salt intake destroys our kidneys. By the way speaking of kidney care, I read that rowatinex capsules made of natural formula supports kidney functions.


Veggie Wrap

To counteract with the not-so-healthy food we prepared veggies wrap. Romaine, bell pepper, cucumber, carrots sliced uniformly then arranged and wrapped in a rice paper. I love how the presentation of this  veggies with all the bright colors bursting from the plate. You can gobble the wrap right away and enjoy the crispiness and juiciness of the veggies in your mouth. This is best when dip in a sweet chili sauce.

Vegie Wrap



Fruit Tray

Not just an ordinary fruit tray but with an artistic touch of my sister’s boyfriend. He made a bassinet out of watermelon with a baby in it. Guests who are not so fond about taking food pictures can’t resist taking picture of it.

Baby Bassinet Fruit



Sweetness Overload

Sweets that we prepared are mini red velvet cupcake from Sobey’s, mamon cupcake topped with icing baked by my sister’s friend, some chocolates and not in the picture is a black sambo from our neighbor.

Red Velvet Cupcake


Mamon Cupcake


Other Foods

We forgot to take picture of every single food that we prepare. We are so thankful to our friends who gave their extra time despite of their busy schedule to prepare foods like meatball, spring rolls, pancit and spaghetti.



Getting Health Insurance

Still no baby yet. Well my sister is in due this 31st of January. But seeing her big belly, it feels like the baby will pop-out anytime. She sees the doctor once a week now to monitor her and her baby. Good thing check-up and laboratory tests are free. That’s one of the reasons why I love Alberta.

I heard from a friend from US who gave birth a year ago that there expenses reached to $25,000 USD if they don’t have health insurance in burlington, NC. Indeed, health insurance is really a big help. I am thinking of getting one although as mentioned above that we get free health care here in Alberta, but medicines are not included. I believe having health insurance will make me feel protected and not to worry about in case of health emergencies.


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